push loud pens (push_loud_pens) wrote,
push loud pens

WTF? not a single email all day? how I am supposed to procrastinate when no one writes to me?


did you all know that I'm related to Nick Lachey? no really, he and Drew are my grandma's sister's (well late sister, she died a month ago) grandkids which makes them my what? second cousins? Of course I'm so out of pop culture that until like a year ago I just thought he was the singer for 98 degrees and didn't realize it was the same Nick of Nick and Jessica. I was not invited to the wedding, neither was my grandma and boy was she pissed. She thinks they have gotten "too big for their britches" or at least that's what she said last time we talked about it a few years ago.


so here's the deal. I have a test at 9 am. a midterm or some such thing. I haven't even opened the textbook for this class yet this semester. Yet here I have sat, staring at the computer screen, compulsively clicking the gmail reload button for 4 hours instead of studying. So I guess I should go that. Study, I mean.


Here, go look at balloon hats or perhaps check out the best blonde joke ever

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